Skin Basics 101*

It always surprised me when people didn’t know what their skin type was when I asked in retail.  I mean, it’s your face.  Don’t you know what’s happening on your face?  There are really only four different skin types:  oily, dry, combination, and normal.  And normal skin types are typically mild combination skin.

Here are the descriptions of different skin types:

Oily Skin:

Oily skin happens because the sebaceous glands are overproducing sebum, or oil.  Scientists believe that sebum serves no purpose right now, although earlier in human history it may have helped waterproof skin and hair.

Overactive oil production can happen for a lot of reasons, like stress or hormone changes, bad diets, hot humid weather, or greasy cosmetics.  If you ever get a sheen across your face, or if your makeup has ever “melted” during the day, you probably have oil skin.  Some of the symptoms of oily skin are oversized pores and proneness to breakouts.

Dry Skin:

Sorry, I couldn’t find any “dry skin pics” on Google that weren’t young models photoshopped to make their skin look like a desert.  Dry skin, obviously, has the opposite problem of oily skin – the sebaceous glands are underproducing sebum, which keeps the skin supple.  Dry skin is very often a symptom of aging, and people with rosacea usually have dry skin.  Dry skin is thinner, more prone to wrinkles, and in extreme cases creates flaky skin patches, sensitivity, and/or redness.  You can tell your skin is prone to dryness if you have any of those symptoms or it feels tight after you wash it.

Combination (and Normal) Skin:

Like I said, normal skin is often very mild combination skin.  I have combo skin – my cheeks are normal/dry, and my forehead, nose, chin, and cheekbones (that’s the “T” zone: down and across the face) are oily.  People have different combinations for combination skin.  My eyelids get oily.  Some people’s eyelids are dry.  You have to figure it out for yourself.

*I am totally NOT a dermatologist or an aesthetician.  These are just the basics.  Don’t sue me, I’m not liable if you stick benzoyl peroxide in your eyes or something.

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Back from hiatus!

Who knew that taking six classes, two weeks of finals, working and managing a blog for work was time consuming?  Well, me.  But I’m back, and I’m actually working on creating a video series for this website, so stay tuned.  The first series will be BareMinerals Basics.  Coming soon, after I figure out how to use Windows Movie Maker.  Sorta wish I had a Mac.

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Yeah, and no makeup just looks sloppy.

“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.”

– Calvin Klein

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Your Daily Look AND My Droopy Eyes

Today for the daily look:  playing with lips.  Don’t be afraid of color.

Although I will say this:  dark colors like red, burgundy, or brown on the lips can make your teeth look yellow, and generally they make you look older.  I’m not saying don’t use those colors, I’m saying use them carefully.  If you’re going to use a dark color, use a gloss on top of it.  When a lipstick color starts sticking to the dead skin on your lips and it looks dry, you wind up looking like a smoker if the color is much darker than the natural color of your lips.

Bare Minerals again today.  The lipstick is discontinued, it’s called Wearable Pink. The lipgloss is Candy Buxom. I always apply lipstick and lipgloss with a brush because it gives you more control than just smearing it straight onto your mouth.  That’s how I get away without using a lipliner – the brush gives the lipstick a nice, hard edge.

Today I kept the eyes really light so that the lips would be noticed first.  I don’t normally take pictures of myself, and I just noticed that one of my eyes opens more than the other.  But take a look at the difference between today’s eyes and yesterday’s:

Look at what a difference a little bit of dark color at the outside corner of the eyes makes.  Yesterday I used a little bit of Drama as a contour color, and today I kept the colors very very light.  It changes the whole shape of my eyes, yesterday they looked deeper-set and today they look like they are – fairly flat.

That’s what makeup’s all about, baby.  Optical illusions.

Maybe I'll use these colors on my eyes tomorrow.

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Eww eww eww eww vomit.

Someone stole my little sister’s makeup brushes from work.  I told her she should post a sign in the back room after a week saying something along the lines of:

“Whoever stole my brushes, I just wanted to let you know that I used those brushes with impetigo and pink eye.  Enjoy!”

She doesn’t have impetigo and pink eye.  But they are highly communicable, and makeup brushes are disgusting nasty petri dishes for bacteria.  Wash your brushes at least once a month, peeps.  And when you’re shopping in a department store or a place like Sephora, be aware of how much crap is breeding in their tester mascara and lip gloss.  And for the love of Christ, don’t steal someone else’s used makeup brushes.

Yes, you can get this from dirty makeup brushes.

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RWE was SO right.

“I have heard with admiring submission the experience of the lady who declared that the sense of being well-dressed gives a feeling of inward tranquility which religion is powerless to bestow.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson
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Don’t Ever Trust Makeup Salespeople …

Tea Time With Lin | Weekend Goodies + Gena’s Salads

… Because they’re trying to sell you stuff.  As my roommate learned at the Yves Saint Laurent event at Nordstrom.  $700 in skin care?  Not worth it.  Check out:

Paula Begoun publishes Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me!, one of the most useful cosmetics books I’ve read.  Every every EVERY brand lies about what their products can do because the FDA barely regulates cosmetics and what they claim to do.  So all that skin care crap they were pushing on Lin?  Probably no more effective than Olay Regenerist and about 300X more expensive.

How To Deal With Pushy Salespeople In A Department Store

  • Tell them right away that you want to just try out the makeup and that you don’t think you’ll be buying today before you sit down.  They don’t have the right to turn you away.  If they’re a jerk to you when you tell them you’re not buying, or if they try to tell you you can’t sit down, complain to the manager.  They’ll probably rush you through.  BUT!  Bear in mind that most makeup artists make their paycheck on commission.  Yes, it is their job to show you the product, but don’t be annoying and take too much of their time.
  • The biggest chunk of makeup artists’ paychecks come from the skin care they sell, because they’re the most expensive products.  They’re going to try to sell it to you.  If you’re not interested in skin care, tell them right away.
  • As Lin learned, events are actually the worst time to sit down with makeup artists, because that’s the day they get bonuses for total sales.  They’ll be pushing even harder.
  • You can always say “I don’t like that.”  They should be showing you what they’re doing as they go, and if you don’t care for it, tell them.  Generally, it doesn’t hurt their feelings when you don’t like what they’re doing, although you need to articulate what it is that you do like so they can try and do it.  If it does hurt their feelings – oh well.  Grow up, crybaby.
  • If it’s taking too long, tell them.
  • They’ll go over everything they used on you when you’re done.  Let them, it’s useful to you to know what products they used.  They’ll say something like “I’m going to go grab this for you,” or ask what you want.  Tell them exactly what you want to buy, or if you don’t, tell them you’d like to wear the makeup around and try it out.  Don’t ever guilt yourself into buying something.
  • Be nice.  It’s remarkable how many rude customers makeup artists get.  If they’re being nice to you, be nice to them.  Be nice to them anyway and it’ll improve their attitudes.
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