Eww eww eww eww vomit.

Someone stole my little sister’s makeup brushes from work.  I told her she should post a sign in the back room after a week saying something along the lines of:

“Whoever stole my brushes, I just wanted to let you know that I used those brushes with impetigo and pink eye.  Enjoy!”

She doesn’t have impetigo and pink eye.  But they are highly communicable, and makeup brushes are disgusting nasty petri dishes for bacteria.  Wash your brushes at least once a month, peeps.  And when you’re shopping in a department store or a place like Sephora, be aware of how much crap is breeding in their tester mascara and lip gloss.  And for the love of Christ, don’t steal someone else’s used makeup brushes.

Yes, you can get this from dirty makeup brushes.

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