Good Before and After Photos AND Your Daily Look

This is how we do it.

Yeah, when I worked at Bare Escentuals we’d do makeovers on a lot of women, and they’d want to do before and after photos, so you gotta make sure you look vaguely dirty and unhappy in the “Before” pic.  I’m wearing my fat/sick sweatshirt too, just to add to the general malaise.  That way, your “After” pic looks even seXXXier.

Okay, for real now.

This is my daily look.  I wear Bare Minerals, and everything in the photo is Bare Minerals but the concealer.  I had a lot of work to do on my chin, after all.

  • Foundation:  Bare Minerals SPF 15 Foundation in Fair.
  • Concealer:  Some old theater makeup.
  • Contour:  Bare Minerals All-Over Face Color in Faux Tan and Bare Radiance.
  • Blush:  Bare Minerals All-Over Face Color in True.
  • Eyebrows:  Bare Minerals Eyebrow Powder in Auburn.
  • Eyes:  Bare Minerals Eyeshadow in Nude Beach, Celestine, and Drama.
  • Eyeliner:  Bare Minerals Loose Eyeliner in Soft Black.
  • Mascara:  Bare Minerals Buxom Mascara in Black.
  • Lips:  Bare Minerals Lip Color in Pink Champagne and Bare Minerals Buxom Lipgloss in Amber Buxom.

When you’re doing a daily look, the goal is mostly to minimize imperfections, smooth out the appearance of your skin, and play up whatever feature of your face you want to highlight for the day.  In my case, I usually choose to show off my eyes because they’re unusually shaped.

It is my belief – although don’t ever take just one makeup artist’s word for it – that neutral colors look best in daylight.  Sunlight and natural light is very harsh in terms of what it does to the colors you’re wearing on your face.  Really rich colors, or blues and greens, can look tacky if you’re not sooper careful about how you apply them.  It’s generally easier to pick colors that are neutral and blend with your skin tone.

Now, I pick really light colors because I’m so very pasty pale.  Your neutrals will no doubt be different because about 98% of the population has darker skin than me.  That being said, the trick to a pretty daily look?  Blending!

Nude Beach, Celestine, Drama, Soft Black

Clean, Nude Beach, Celestine, Drama, Liner and Mascara

No hard lines anywhere on the eye.  Use a soft brush and just swipe it over any colors that look too hard.  Bare Minerals eyeliner is a loose powder, which can be different, not difficult, to work with, but if you press it into the eyelashes, it gives a very natural line.  I don’t line my lower lid because I have small eyes, and pulling a black line across the bottom of my eye would close it off and make it look smaller.

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4 Responses to Good Before and After Photos AND Your Daily Look

  1. Jean Vipond says:

    Wow!! Incredible blog!! Awesome!!

  2. Estelle says:

    I could use some of your talent Sara…too bad you live 2 thousand miles away (give or take). Looking forward to see more pics! XXX

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