Your Daily Look AND My Droopy Eyes

Today for the daily look:  playing with lips.  Don’t be afraid of color.

Although I will say this:  dark colors like red, burgundy, or brown on the lips can make your teeth look yellow, and generally they make you look older.  I’m not saying don’t use those colors, I’m saying use them carefully.  If you’re going to use a dark color, use a gloss on top of it.  When a lipstick color starts sticking to the dead skin on your lips and it looks dry, you wind up looking like a smoker if the color is much darker than the natural color of your lips.

Bare Minerals again today.  The lipstick is discontinued, it’s called Wearable Pink. The lipgloss is Candy Buxom. I always apply lipstick and lipgloss with a brush because it gives you more control than just smearing it straight onto your mouth.  That’s how I get away without using a lipliner – the brush gives the lipstick a nice, hard edge.

Today I kept the eyes really light so that the lips would be noticed first.  I don’t normally take pictures of myself, and I just noticed that one of my eyes opens more than the other.  But take a look at the difference between today’s eyes and yesterday’s:

Look at what a difference a little bit of dark color at the outside corner of the eyes makes.  Yesterday I used a little bit of Drama as a contour color, and today I kept the colors very very light.  It changes the whole shape of my eyes, yesterday they looked deeper-set and today they look like they are – fairly flat.

That’s what makeup’s all about, baby.  Optical illusions.

Maybe I'll use these colors on my eyes tomorrow.

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2 Responses to Your Daily Look AND My Droopy Eyes

  1. Lin says:

    i love your lashes! and hate you for having them!!!!

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